General Information

Post Office

The Post Office is situated, close to the seal viewing area and road up to the  Church.  The office itself is the front porch of the cottage shown in the image.  You can just see the red sign next to the steps leading up to the office.  A lot of the islands have these small, but very friendly offices and it is part of the fabric of small villages.

The office offers normal post office services, with the exception of driving licence applications. National and international post and parcels can be despatched from here.  There are several post boxes on Berneray, one is at the foot of the drive to the post office. The post office is open from 9:30am to 1pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


Pier and toilets

Pier and Harbour

The pier has an area of hard standing as well as toilets.  Also, there is a coin operated shower for general use.

Campervan facilities are limited on Bereray although the macair area close to the Youth Hostel is a very good sheltered place to park up for the evening.   The youth hostel, welcomes people camping  nearby and provides a range of facilities, available for a few pounds per day. These include hot showers, toilets and cooking facilities. Alternately, a day visitor fee of just one pound is available for people wanting to use these facilities.  (quote from the Community website

The CalMac Pier also has toilets, a shelter and toilet disposal area for campers.


Weather forecast on Berneray itself.  Click on the image to view more detail.